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Consulting Services

Do you need additional geology work done that your staff geologists don' t have time to complete?   Give us a call, we'd be happy to help you out.  

Gentle Stream

Reservoir Studies 

Regional and local surface geologic analysis incorporating multiple data types (well logs, cores, production data) into easy to understand cross sections and maps.  Map suite includes structure, gross isopach, porosity, water saturation, net pay, and OGIP/OOIP maps.


Can lead virtual global teams or in person teams.


Outputs are good for exploration ideas, budget proposals, partner decisions, and more. 

Areas with experience: WCSB Deep Basin, Athabasca oil sands, Williston Basin 

Rock Formations

Project Planning and Execution

Collaboration with multidisciplinary teams is key to success.

Previous projects include:

  • Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) wellbore abandonments project management

  • Planned development programs 

  • Executed vertical delineation 

  • Geosteered  horizontal wells

Sand Dunes

Divestitures and Acquisition Evaluations

What is not beneficial to one company might make another company soar.   If you are considering a divestiture or acquisition we're here to assist with subsurface evaluations.  

Sand Dunes

Regulatory Applications

The energy industry is highly regulated, and applications to the government are necessary.  Let us know if you need land continuation packages, abandonment reports, or area applications completed.

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