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Volcanic landscape


Stone Consulting began in order to shape the geologic landscape of the future. Our mission is to flow energy from the earth to society. 


We have experience evaluating producing assets in WCSB deep basin and in situ oil sands for conventional and unconventional plays. Our skills include interpreting subsurface reservoirs to generate maps and volumetrics, integrating  data analytics and production data, and evaluating various formations.  We can plan and execute annual development and exploration drilling programs by collaborating with multidisciplinary teams.  We regularly present to management, peers, and committees on reservoir interpretation. 

Founder Maureen Stonehouse is a professional geologist with a passion for rocks and the environment.  Her combination of MBA business acumen with technical background enhances ability to assess project viability.

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Maureen Stonehouse, PGeo MBA

Senior Geologist, Director

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